Sunday, 1 April 2018

Cookbook Countdown #28

New challenge at Cookbook Countdown!
Addition of monthly themes on top of the regular monthly cookbook countdown! 

This is our second monthly theme. To recap, we have started a new challenge right here at Cookbook Countdown, last month's being the first! Each month, there will be a new theme, to make cooking and baking a little more fun. The monthly themes will be listed on the right side bar so that you may plan accordingly. To summarize and clear any confusion, you may ;
  • link as usual, by cooking or baking from any of your cookbooks, magazines or e-book and link your posts in the monthly linky OR
  • join our monthly challenge, cook or bake from any of your cookbooks based on the monthly theme or selected cookbook/chef, and link your posts in the monthly linky OR
  • both of the above! Link as many posts as you like! Free and easy! You decide!

The theme for this month,  April 2018 : One Pot Meals
You are welcome to cook any one pot meals with dishes you deem as one pot meal! Your take! Pasta and Noodles? Rice and Grains? Soups and Stews? Sheet Pan Bakes? Pizza? It's up to you! Use any of your cookbooks, e-books or magazines, cook/bake any recipes, post and link up! Or if you are not keen on One Pot Meals, don't worry, you are free to cook/bake just about anything from your cookbook selections. Post and link up! Looking forward to see your links! 

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