Saturday, 1 July 2017

Cookbook Countdown #19

The first half of 2017 has gone. As we step into the second half of the year, let's take a minute or two to evaluate your goals and objectives, how has the first half fared for you? Are you happy with your existing diet plans or any plans for healthier meals, more greens, grains and fibres, and cut down on carbo and meat? As for me, we love greens in our house which is a plus, but we are not consuming grains and legumes as often as we should. I intend to change that, and incorporate more grains and legumes in our meals. What about you? Any special diet plans for the second half of 2017?

Let's see what you are cooking up this month (from your cookbooks), and link your post in the linky below.

Kitchen Tip For The Month : Guide To Storing Fruits and Vegetables (Part 1)

  • Do Not Store Fruits and Vegetables Together. Fruits that give off high levels of ethylene (the ripening agent) can prematurely ripen and spoil surrounding vegetables. (Think of the "one bad apple" adage.)
  • For Vegetables: Before storing, remove ties and rubber bands and trim any leafy ends. Leave an inch to keep the vegetable from drying out. Make sure the bag you store the veggies in has some holes punctured to allow for good air flow. Pack vegetables loosely in the refrigerator. The closer they are, the quicker they will rot. Leafy greens can be washed before storing by soaking them in a sink full of water, while soft herbs and mushrooms should not be washed until right before they are used.
  • For Fruits: Non-cherry stone fruits, avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, apples, and pears will continue to ripen if left sitting out on a countertop, while items like bell peppers, grapes, all citrus, and berries will only deteriorate and should be refrigerated. Bananas in particular ripen very quickly, and will also speed the ripening of any nearby fruits.
  • For HerbsTreat them like a little bouquet, put them in a glass water, and put them in the fridge. Snip off stalks as you need them.
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