Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cookbook Countdown #12

Cookbook Countdown for December 2016 :

For this month, you may use those cookbooks which you have shared at Cookbook Countdown, from January 2016 onwards. So, in December : You may select a new chosen cookbook to cook or bake from as usual, OR you may re-visit all the cookbooks that you have used at Cookbook Countdown from January to November 2016. There might be a recipe or two that you've been eyeing to try, from some of those books from the months before. December is the time to share them. Let's browse thru those books again! Or cook from a new book, the choice is yours!

Please click Cookbook Countdown Bake (Oct to Dec) to link your baking (cakes, pastries, cookies, breads) posts!

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  1. Hmm...well, the cropping business went a bit awry. Is there a way to do that again?

    1. Hi Kaye,
      We've done it for you, the photo is in order now.
      Thanks for linking!