Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cookbook Countdown #9

Which cookbook are you cooking from this month? Are you venturing out of your comfort zone with an unfamiliar cuisine from around the world? Leave your links!

List of selected cookbooks for September 2016 :
Joyce - 500 Curries
Emily - Naturally Speaking Chinese Recipes and Home Remedies
Melynda - More With Less Cookbook
Kimmy - Healthy and Easy Thai Cooking
Zosia - Vegetable Literacy
Margaret - Good Eats : The Early Years
Kaye - Time-Life Foods of The World : Middle Eastern Cooking


  1. Am I the only one in the States?

  2. Margaret, Melinda (#3) is from the US too.

  3. Please don't close too early tonight! I'm starting dinner right now, so will be posting this evening. Before midnight CEST (UTC+2).

    1. Hi Kaye,
      We'll extend it to another day! No worries!

  4. The link for #49 (Margaret's ABs turnovers) doesn't work. :-(

  5. There are so many good-looking recipes this month! I've especially enjoyed the ones from Vegetable Literacy (thank you, Zosia), since that's a book that's high (now higher) on my Want list.

  6. My apologies for all the trouble with my last links. The original #49 was unintended. My pics wouldn't work. Thanks for fixing it.